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Monitor Calls

Log incoming and outgoing calls. You can listen actual call audio.

  The name and number of caller
  The time a call is placed or received
  Call duration time
  Audio recording of the call

Track Messages

View text message sent from or received by the device.

  The name and number of sender or recipient
  The time a message is placed or received
  The content of each text message

Track GPS Location

View current location and location history.

  Location address and detail map
  The time when location is updated
  Exact GPS location

Monitor internet activity

Track web browser usage. Search history and bookmarks.

  Web page name and address
  The time when page is visited
  You can open page in your browser

View Images

View and download all photos taken on monitored device.

  The name of image
  The time when image is captured, received or downloaded
  Image file size

View Videos

View all videos taken and stored on monitored device.

  The name of video
  The time when video is captured, received or downloaded
  Video file size

Access Address Book

Keeps track of every entry in the address book which can be viewed.

  The name of contact
  Contact phone numbers
  Contact email address
  The time when contact is added or updated
  Contact web site address
  Contact varius notes

Record surround

You can record audio at time and duration you choose.

  The time when audio recording started
  Recording time duration
  Audio recording file size
  Actual audio from recording


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